Cusco is now much more than a tourist destination and what makes this city beautiful and pleasant is also the Andean cuisine, which is characterized in many for being one of the best in the world. The typical dishes are usually heated in a wood oven, the mud of the highlands brings together the smells and flavors linked to this. So meats, tubers, grains and herbs are used in a variety of delicious dishes.

Appetizers include corn with Andean cheese, chochos salad (tarwi), "Papa a la huancaína" (boiled potato chunks with yellow bell pepper and cream cheese) and "inchik uchu" (boiled yucca with peanuts, yellow bell pepper and coriander sauce).

Mate de Coca: It is an infusion of coca leaves, which has medicinal and digestive properties. This drink prevents the discomfort of altitude sickness, and is usually offered in all hotels upon arrival of their guests.

Pisco Sour: Translucent, crystalline, brilliant and colorless. As if it were a diamond, pisco requires these same characteristics of quality and beauty to receive its name with honors. The task of science and art is, therefore, to make pisco and also to know how to drink it. It is a distillate of pure grape juice, between 6 and 7 kilos to obtain a liter, which includes no other ingredient than the freshly fermented must of different varieties of grapes from our coasts. The result: pure pisco. Pure Peruvian pisco to delight the palate and the heart of the world. Cheers!

Among the variety of liquors produced in Peru, pisco is considered the national drink. It comes from local grapes, distilled to obtain and produce the world famous pisco sour.


The usual places when it comes to food coming from Cusco are the traditional restaurants called chicherías and picanterías where you can eat typical dishes such as:


Delicious soup, stew prepared by boiling a piece of beef brisket, lamb's head, bacon, cabbage, potatoes, moraya, chickpeas, rice, sweet potato, peaches, pears and yucca. The broth is served separately from the other ingredients.

«Chuño Cola»

Stew of Inca origin. Delicious stew made by boiling meat broth, rice, sausages, chickpeas, potatoes and chuño. This dish is eaten with a wooden spoon, called huisilla. The chuño is the potato dried in the sun.

«Queso Kapchi»

Favorite stew in November and December, prepared with green beans, potatoes, milk, eggs, cheese, and chili, with a dressing of onion, garlic and lard. It is served with rice.


Soup of fresh corn, beans, dried yellow chili bell pepper and huacatay (native herb).


Pork seasoned in chicha and spices and cooked in a clay pot.

«Olluco con carne»

Olluco stew with charqui or llama meat.

«Chicharrón con mote»

Pork fried in its own fat, served with grits or sweet corn.

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