Unaytambo Hotel
Welcome to Our History

Welcome to UNAYTAMBO, Quechua word that opens the doors of a place with the history and tradition of ancient Cusco. Located in one of its main streets next to the Qorikancha or Temple of the Sun where the Inka walls teach us the greatness of our ancestors to show the whole world the richness and legacy of the Imperial City.

Around the 12th century, the Quechuas coming from the Qollao, guided by the mythical Inca Manko Qhapaq, settled in the Cusco valley, having as their cultural epicenter the Qorikancha (Temple of the Sun) and the Kusicancha (Temple of Rejoicing), where religious and ceremonial functions took place.

The Hotel Boutique UNAYTAMBO is a colonial mansion built on the foundations of Inca constructions, is located within this archaeological complex and according to the chronicles of the Inka Garcilaso de la Vega, in his famous book "The Royal Commentaries", in this house would have been born the Inka Pachacuteq, the most extraordinary Cusquenian of all time. Proof of this is the double jamb door characteristic of the entrance to sacred places and today the only one preserved in its original state and that serves as entrance to the Hotel UNAYTAMBO where you will witness this great legacy.

In colonial times this house was used as a place of rest and food supply, being known by the name of "Tambo de Collavinos" mainly because it received people coming from the Collao.

Later came the Republic, a period in which the house fulfilled a strictly residential role. Finally, in May 1950, a strong earthquake struck the city. Fortunately this important monument of civil architecture with almost eight centuries of life could be preserved to continue writing its history, history with which today shelters us under the name of UNAYTAMBO that in Quechua language means "Once upon a time in a Tambo" and that today invites you to be part of its history.

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