Alternative Tours


Walking through the streets of Cusco is like being transported to other times, sometimes Inca, sometimes Viceroyalty and sometimes simultaneously to both.

Walls of black, navy green, pink, blue and maroon stones blend with the sky, clouds, rooftops, balconies and colonial windows, which with the intensity of the sun, outlines deep shadows that are engraved in the eyes and memories as something eternal, indelible.

And walking through the squares, wide or narrow streets, markets, portals, mysterious ups and downs, mingling with people with a thousand faces, a thousand eyes, will transport you directly into history, an unforgettable stony history. And that must be why Cusco is called "The navel of the world".

The depth of its sky, the intensity of its sun and the magic of its corners, are details impossible to forget. The streets of Cusco will always leave traces in your walk. In the city we can find an infinity of alternatives to visit and know its wonders and charms:

Traditional tours:

  • City Tour
  • Sacred Valley
  • Machu Picchu.

Alternative Tours

  • Maras Moray
  • South Valley

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