The celebration of the festivity "Virgen de la asunta" also called "Mamacha asunta", beginning with the entrance on August 14, central day on August 15 and concluding on August 16. The image of the venerated saint arrived from Spain in 1756 when at that time the town of Calca was a small village. The urban tongues say that many years ago when the exploitation of tin had just begun, a miner who had no wife or children lived in his house, daily, when he returned from work, strangely found everything tidy, his dinner ready and all his clothes clean. The miner, surprised and doubtful, asked all his neighbors who was the kind-hearted person who was doing all these tasks, and the neighbors commented that they saw a beautiful cholita entering the house, without knowing where she came from or how she was leaving. The people with more years tell what it was about the Virgin Mary, patroness protector of the humble people. Her first appearance was in Bolivia in a mineralized stone.

At the beginning of the colonial era the Virgin Assumption is found in Calca and its arrival coincides at the same time with the Patron Saint Santiago de Lamay. Visit Calca, enjoy this festivity and during your stay in Cusco stay in our boutique hotel - Unaytambo.

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