Every September 14th, a pilgrimage is made to the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca, the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca is located 48 km from the city of Cusco, in the district of San Salvador, province of Calca.

Our ancestors say that many years ago an Indian named Diego, who was tired of the mistreatment that his employers gave him decided to escape from them, and so it was that the Indian Diego came to Huanca, and for a whole day and a night he began to pray so that his employers would not find him. It is said that during the night Diego had a revelation, in his revelation was a bleeding Christ, the excited man decided to call a painter, one of the best of that time to immortalize the image that he just saw, on a stone, the painter began his work, It is said that a divine hand guided each one of his strokes to be able to make exactly the image of the bleeding Christ. It is said that the cult remained secret for some years and that the Lord of Huanca was venerated at that time only by the locals of that town.

In the eighteenth century, a miner named Pedro Valero suffered from a disease that had no cure until one day an unknown doctor came to his house who managed to cure the man, Don Pedro very grateful, told the doctor to ask him whatever he wanted that he left all his gold at his disposal, but the good man was not interested in his wealth, Don Diego was insistent and the doctor as payment asked him to visit him in the city of Cusco, in a town called Huanca and he was called Enmanuel and then disappeared.

Shortly after the miner went to the city of Cusco, when he arrived he decided to find out about his savior but no one knew about the doctor named Enmanuel, some time passed when he was about to leave he saw some lumberjacks that were bringing quality firewood, and Don Pedro curious asked where they came from, and they answered that they were from Huanca, Surprised by the response of the woodcutters the miner asks them to please take him to that place, the miner arrives to Huanca and nobody lived there, Don Pedro finds a stone that was dusty and is given with the surprise that the image of the stone was his savior the doctor and since then until today the lord of huanca is doctor of his faithful.

In the pilgrimage to the Señor de Huanca you will find many replicas made of this saint.

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