The San Pedro market is located in the center of the square of the same name, upon entering it gives us the feeling of disorder, as street vendors are located anywhere to sell their products. But as we walk through the aisles we discover that the stalls are organized according to the merchandise they offer. The colors stand out as if they were alive, the sounds are precise, the aromas are so strong that even with your eyes closed you know which section you are in; chocolates made with cocoa from Cusco, wheat and corn bread, freshly cut flowers from the fields, cheeses, beef, pork and sheep, ripe fruit makes your mouth water.
We also observe that in a corridor typical costumes and colorful skirts are hung, in the following stalls there are fabrics, candles, men's clothing, hats, fabrics, sandals, baskets and chullos. In the central part we can find dining rooms where we can eat delicious and cheap food, and eat for dessert one of the fruit juices or a fruit salad accompanied by yogurt.

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