The town of Chinchero is located 28 km northeast of Cusco, the city of the Rainbow as it is also known by many, this town belongs to the province of Urubamba, Department of Cusco.

The population of Chinchero is clearly Inca, when the Spaniards arrived they wanted to conquer it in order to impose their traditions, which did not happen completely, the inhabitants live in houses of almost Inca constructions, in the same houses where their distant ancestors lived and formed the largest civilization in America.

In the city of the Rainbow we will find an archaeological center that at the first impression we admire its terraces, which would deduce that it was a center of agricultural production at the time of the Incas, it had an extensive irrigation system very effective.

In Chinchero is also the church of Our Lady of Monserrat, which was built on the palace of the Inca Tupac Yupanqui, this has a baroque style dedicated to the Virgin of Nativity. The interior walls of the church are finely decorated with the works of the maximum representative painter Diego Quispe Tito from Cuzco.

This month in the town of Chinchero will be held the "Expo-Feria Chinchero 2015", well in this fair we will have much to see as: the variety of native potatoes, guinea pig breeding, sheep and cattle, traditional textiles, dance contest and enjoy the delicious dishes of this town.

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